Saturday, July 19, 2008

Media Lies — Forward and Backward

The ways in which the mainstream media lie are often very subtle. I refer in this case to a CBS news report of 19, July 2008 covering Barack Obama's triumphant Presidential European tour.

That description strikes you as premature? Clearly, you are not employed by CBS — or any of the other dozens of so-called news organizations.

By the simple act of juxtaposing four facts, they have attempted to anoint Mr. Obama, without the messy necessity of an actual election. To wit:
    1. First, they describe in loving detail how Mr. Obama has proposed (yet again) a 16-month timetable to withdraw a number of U.S. troops out of Iraq, while treating it as the equivalent of a presidential plan.

    2. Then, they describe — as if it were somehow relevant — Prime Minister Malaki's favorable view of this proposal, as if he were agreeing with a U.S. President.

    3. They then go on to assert that Mr. Obama sees the Afghanistan theater as the most important front in the 'War on Terror.' (Contrary to al Qaeda's view up to yesterday, but never mind that now.)

    4. Finally, they observe that President Bush — the actual president, it might be useful to remind them — has agreed as well, or so they say.
There are so many subtle distortions in this report, it's difficult to know where to begin. Let us plunge in at random.

That it's helpful to beef up the troop presence — enact a 'surge' — in Afghanistan is an idea not only touted by Senator McCain, but an obvious one anyway. For CBS to claim on Obama's behalf that somehow he is being original here is absurd.

Far worse is to slyly suggest to the inattentive viewer that somehow President Bush is seeing the light as a result of the illumination shed by the wise Mr. Obama. Obama is not only totally devoid of any experience in foreign affairs, he has never even bothered to hold sub-committee meetings on the subject, though he chairs one.

That the mainstream news outlets are fawning over Mr. Obama's tour is no surprise. After all, he shares to a 'T' nearly all their chief views and values — his leftist philosophy, and the cynical, pragmatic method of lying about it in order to keep ratings up.

But even for the habitually mendacious CBS and its cousins, the stories covering Obama's belated tour as if he were already president is a bit much. That they present the situation as if he is actually leading, rather than following, is beyond the pale.


The trend continues as the Philadelphia Inquirer picks up on CBS' talking points. More spin, misdirection, and reversal of timelines.

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