Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Global Poverty Bill

Republican politicians often do things that are foolish, spineless, and even wicked. One recent instance of that is the five idiots in the Senate who joined with their brethren across the aisle to try to sink any hope of freeing up producers to extract and market oil in the U.S.

But the Republicans are, as they have been for three generations now, pikers compared to the Democrats who are now openly opposed to everything fundamental to the American system — free speech, free enterprise, and freedom, period. The only thing free they are for is a free lunch for those who haven't earned one (to be paid for by anyone but themselves).

The latest example is a little known piece of legislation quietly making its way through Congress called the Global Poverty Bill. It is aptly named. While the title refers to the wish to provide a free lunch to the rest of the world, it will help create poverty in this country.

As Christine O'Donnell, the Republican contender for the Senate seat in Delaware currently being warmed by the lizard Joe Biden, explains:
Despite its seemingly innocuous title, the Global Poverty Act would force America to adopt the U.N.’s “Millennium Development Goals” as official U.S. policy. This means outsourcing to the United Nations all important decisions concerning the use of U.S. foreign aid dollars.

Not only that, but the fee for allowing the U.N. to play the “middle man” in our global war on poverty would be a tax of .7 percent of the U.S. Gross National Product. That’s right. Barack Obama and his liberal allies such as Senator Biden have signed on to a bill that would allow the U.N. to tax America (and Americans) an estimated $845 billion over the next 13 years.
The first paragraph may be hyperbole. But the second is grotesque fact combined with reasonable estimation of the damage.

Bad enough that New York offers a home to that loathsome display of dictator supporters, tyrannical regime lovers, and (often) outright crooks. Worse that the U.S. pays a big chunk of the bill. Worst of all that the U.S. agrees to participate in that decades-long farce that has consistently acted against American interests since its founding.

Now the American taxpayers are supposed to foot the bill and outsource coerced U.S. charity (that shouldn't exist in the first place)?

Lenin was right, but shortsighted. We will sell them the rope they use to hang us, but we'll give them the money to buy it from us, too.

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Ellen said...

There should be more reaction on this and more questions, and most definitely more coverage - I'm always excited when I find someone else who is paying attention - I'm just afraid that it'll be too late - the proverbial closing the barn door after the horse is out.