Sunday, December 7, 2008

Progressives Invade Wikipedia

Can anyone explain why Wikipedia has been taken over by the Anti(s), who infect like a virus?

I've become used to seeing Green garbage, even in such incongruous places like the Swiss Re page. (As the name suggests, Swiss Re is a giant reinsurance company in Switzerland.)

Now, I'm seeing progressive propaganda, even in the unlikely spot of the page discussing the 90's business boom in Ireland. Among other disgusting nonsense, we find this:
"Many people in Ireland believe that growing consumerism during the boom years eroded the country's culture, with the adoption of American capitalist ideals. While Ireland's historical economic ties to the United Kingdom had often been the subject of criticism, Peader Kirby argues that the new ties to the U.S. economy, however, were met with a "satisfied silence". Nevertheless, voices on the left have decried the "closer to Boston than Berlin" philosophy of the government parties. Writers such as William Wall, Mike McCormick and Gerry Murphy have satirised [sic] these developments."

"Growing wealth was blamed for rising crime levels among youths, particularly alcohol-related violence resulting from increased spending power. However it was also accompanied by rapidly increased life expectancy and very high quality of life ratings (indeed, the country ranked first in The Economist's quality of life index)."
This sort of thing, particularly the absurdity about wealth, crime, and alcohol abuse, isn't even worth refuting.

As if that weren't bad enough, it also contains this gem: "Ireland's new wealth is not evenly distributed." Yeah, so? Is there anywhere in the world that wealth is evenly distributed? Would it be good if it were? The obvious answers are no, and most emphatically no.

It would be bad enough if Wikipedia were a leftist rag like The Nation. It's putrid, given that the stated goal of the world's largest online encyclopedia is a type of neutrality. But, when you consider that it was founded by the allegedly free-market friendly Jimmy Wales, it's positively revolting. You have to wonder who is at the wheel these days.

It reminds me of the way in which Times Square evolved from a family-friendly area in the 1940s to the depths of drug-dealer filth in the 1980s. Where is Wikipedia's Rudy Guiliani when you need him? Man, you just can't walk anywhere these days without stepping into the feces left by the Left.


VH said...

The Left feels emboldened by what they perceive as the re-emergence of a righteous and benign big government in the U.S. and abroad. You see, they believe that if the right person--an expert, perhaps--is at the wheel, government can create jobs, make the trains run on time, distribute wealth "fairly," create justice. In order to accomplish all these wonderful things, all that is needed is to cede more power (economic, social) to the "smart" leaders. They will know what to do.


Jeff Perren said...

"benign big government"

:) That's as near a contradiction in terms as I can imagine without actually being one. That they think there is such a thing makes your final one-word comment right on the money.

VH said...
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