Tuesday, April 21, 2009

TARP and Fascism

At one time in pre-history, all of about six months ago, people were (rightly) concerned that banks would not repay TARP funds. Forget that the administration at the time forced many of them to accept the money in the first place. Consider that now some want to repay/return the money, not wishing to be controlled (even more than they are) by the Federal Government.

And the Feds are refusing to, get this, allow them to give back the money. Why, you might reasonably ask, is this something the government should be allowed to decide?

Label it an extreme view if you like, but an examination of the history of Italy during the 1930s shows this to be fascism, pure and simple.


VH said...

Not only have the Feds refused TARP funds to be paid back (thereby maintaining control of private enterprises), it is now known that the Feds also told BOA chairman to shut up and take the money way back when this whole thing started. Yup, this is fascism pure and simple.

Jeff Perren said...

As they did to Wells Fargo, B B & T, and others.

Observe that same fascistic method and mentality in the recently announced GM deal.

As I said long ago, Obama is a wannabe dictator, just like every Progressive. That statement is now only partly accurate, since the wannabe part is rapidly becoming reality.