Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Progressive Anti-Goals and How They Get Away With Them - Part I

People tend to focus on politics and politicians because those are the most obvious forces destroying liberty. But, the Progressives, today's smiley-face version of Facism-lite, are just a political type. There's a broader group — the Anti(s) — that want much more, and much worse.

Their fundamental goal is to transform modern American culture. Their method is more than simply to use the forms of capitalist, voluntary trade to enslave us by a slow progression of fascist regulation to take over businesses. The true Anti uses "cover" philosophies to hide their tracks as they march through the institutions, on their way to completely transforming America down to the root.

The environmental movement, for example, uses the cover of science to advance a radical, Luddite (and, hence, inherently anti-technology) agenda. The socialists in the Federal government use the cover of 'needed regulation' in order to nationalize the financial sector of the economy. The "organic Constitution" legal theorists use the rational forms of rights protection to undermine the rule of law.

All these types know that the American public is not quite ready - perhaps still a generation away - from being willing to openly accept statist chains. So, there's still a need for cover. But they want more than just to take over industry, more than to establish dictatorship, the way Soviet Marxists did a hundred years ago. They want to entirely eliminate the American philosophy as a reality by changing the American mentality.

The destruction of freedom is just the tip of the iceberg. They want to erase from the citizens the memory of a country that was once self-reliant and competition-embracing, proud and honorable. They want more than to overturn two decades of 'Reaganism', more even than to marginalize Madison and his achievements (not to mention the dozens of giants who built America - like J. J. Hill, Andrew Carnegie, and Henry Ford).

They want to re-make the country into an irrelevancy, an historical artifact where no one remembers its history. They want to eliminate the very idea and fact of a people proud of the heritage of individuality, their focus on hard-won achievements, their "can do" attitude.

The only way they can achieve this is by systematically decomposing the American philosophy and re-writing its history, by changing what is said in university classrooms, over the airwaves, and in the dominant publications, driving - as much as possible - any genuine opposing viewpoint out of the public limelight.

They've already largely done that, succeeding through 100 years of activism. We've arrived. Welcome to Progressive America.

The centuries-old works of Michelangelo, Raphael, and others are still venerated in Italy. Yet, there are now two generations of Americans who know the name, face, and views of the pipsqueak Barack Obama but have never heard of Commodore Vanderbilt (mid-19th century transportation innovator), Frank Whittle (early 20th century jet engine pioneer), or even Nancy Wilson (singer, still living, whose records sold as well as the Beatles in the 1960s).

A country that doesn't remember and celebrate its glorious past – either through ignorance, indifference or, worse, denigrating and apologizing for it — is hardly likely to find the strength to create a shining future. It's not too late, but the clock is ticking.


VH said...

"The environmental movement, for example, uses the cover of science to advance a radical, Luddite (and, hence, inherently anti-technology) agenda." They also love to frame themselves as "capitalists" by telling everyone that "green" jobs will be plentiful if you just accept their policies--which are really regulatory nightmares.
They also love to throw free-market words around like "profit" and "investment" when they try to sell their massive government scheme; Obama does it all the time.

Jeff Perren said...

"They also love to throw free-market words around"

Brother, you are so right. That's the Fascist method in a nutshell. Obscure the goal by retaining the nominal appearance of freedom while you regulate voluntary trade - and the liberty that phrase implies - out of any real existence.

Amazing how many are still haven't seen through this illusionist's trick. All you need to do to get away with it is blame "Wall street" or "the rich" or "greedy businessmen."

Some of the more clever go all the way and ask us to pretend that, in the end, we'll all actually be better off financially. I'd like to be able to say that most Americans are too savvy to fall for that one again but so far the jury is still out on that.