Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Court Jester Same as the Old

In his debut as Obama's new Press Secretary, Jim Carney maintains the standard by magnificently lying his head off.
“We need to get to a place — and [Obama’s] budget absolutely does this — where we are no longer spending more than we’re taking in,” he said.
Too harsh? See my previous post.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely incredible (shakes head). Unbelievable. I suppose he is going on the hitler principle that people are more likely to believe the big lies, not the small ones, especially if you lie blatantly and boldly.

Jeff Perren said...

That was Goebbels, but I won't quibble.

Frankly, I view Progressives as lower than Nazis. The Nazis made no pretense to favoring freedom, free enterprise, or property rights.

Carney is just another in a long line of apologists and it's amazing how every time he gets up in front of the microphone he blathers the most blatant bull without batting an eye. A real master of the craft.

I speculate that Progressives can do this so effectively because they lack a conscience. Somewhere in childhood, it failed to develop or was suppressed to the point of mortification.