Sunday, October 19, 2008

Good Mood Day

I have on tap several highly critical essays, including:

Why the Pro-Freedom Forces Are Losing
Robin Hood Economics
Hitler's Reincarnation

and others.

I'm just in too good a mood today to delve into them. After completing a major book project, emailing invoice #200 in two years for one major client, getting some very pleasant feedback from my film review on Atlasphere, and — far from least — listening to Ella Fitzgerald sing Cole Porter, this is no day for negative thoughts.

(Buddy Bregman really is one seriously overlooked swing arranger, as he eminently proves on such numbers as Anything Goes, Too Darn Hot, Always True to You Darlin', From This Moment On, and the finest recorded version ever of Begin the Beguine. He definitely belongs in the pantheon with Billy May and Nelson Riddle. Ok, that's as close as I'll get to a critical comment today.)

I'll be crabby some other time. Hope you all are having just as fine a day.

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