Friday, February 27, 2009

Obama's Third World Budget

I guess Obama really is a warmonger after all.
President Bush never included the costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in his budgets but Mr Obama has inserted them. He is asking for $75 billion this year for both wars — on top of $40 billion already approved by Congress — and $130 billion in 2010. After that the two conflicts are being budgeted at $50 billion annually over the next several years.
Funny, I haven't read any howls of rage from the Left over this. No doubt, they will simply blame Bush for getting the U.S. into it (a valid complaint to a degree, given that Iraq was a less than ideal second target), and give Obama a pass for simply "undoing the mess Bush created." Ah, the excuse that keeps on giving.

The budget contains plenty for the Right to become enraged over, too. A few samples:
    Nearly $4 trillion in overall spending

    Includes $634 billion over the next ten years as a “down payment” on healthcare reform, paid for by tax increases on the wealthy, including lowering deductions for charitable contributions

    Creates a budget deficit of between $1.75 trillion and $2.25 trillion for the coming year

    Includes a “placeholder” request for $750 billion in further bailout funds for banking and car manufacturers

    Increases the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget by 34 per cent over 2009
All in all, I'd say we're well on our way to becoming a banana republic, thanks to Chavez, Jr.

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