Friday, February 27, 2009

Progressive Fear

One has to wonder why so many Progressives are so bent on complaining about every conservative, classical liberal, or libertarian commentary that disagrees with Obama's ideas and plans.

Since Obama and the Democratic Congress won so handily, there should be simple joy and a general ignoring of an opposition they say has been roundly defeated more or less forever.

Yet, they persist.

Could there be some unstated, unextinguishable fear among them that the American people, if they read commentators who believe in a positive correlation between freedom and prosperity, will become persuaded and decide once again to favor individual liberty?

One has to wonder...


brendan said...

You know, I've noticed an eerie silence from the left.

Not the "public" left, but rather the people who I know & love, who were big Obama supporters, in some cases to the extent that they became a little insufferable during the campaign.

I heard from them pretty regularly, until shortly after The Messiah got into the White House.

Nowadays, I don't hear a peep from them. And I'm wondering the same thing you are. Have they already been scared by what they are seeing? I'm sure most Obama supporters are still blaming Bush for our current crisis, but at some point, aren't most people going to be looking to Obama for a solution that actually works?

Or will they continue to be satisfied by "We've inherited the worst financial crisis in American history."?

At some point, the natural response is: "OK. But what are you doing to fix it?" So far, they're doing all they can to make it worse. A lot of things may be Bush's fault, but that isn't.

VH said...

Obama has done nothing but sloganeering and the usual populist talk; But actions speak louder than words and if the stock market (a leading economic indicator) is a vote of confidence in our economy, the market is right now saying, "oh my Lord, this guy is taking us off a cliff!" Who in their right mind wants to invest their hard earned money in what may possibly be a long arduous period of meager GDP growth thanks to the Obama regime. Yes, it's pretty quiet on the left right now (except for them trying to create news with Limbaugh), if this economy continues to slump, the mid term elections are going to get very interesting.