Saturday, July 11, 2009

Peggy Noonan Smack Down

In a somewhat rambling guest post on HotAir, someone with the moniker Doctor Zero makes a few good points about a recent highly ridiculous Peggy Noonan WSJ column:
Noonan is symptomatic of a defeated, collaborative wing of the GOP that wants nothing more than to be thought well of by the Left, which they believe has decisively won the political and cultural battles of the twentieth century. Their idea of a “conservative” is someone who can eke out a small discount on the price tag of mammoth liberal programs. Their goal in 2012 is to find a bland, pleasant, “moderate” Republican, who can win the approval of the media mullahs as a “serious candidate,” then lose gracefully and give America’s First Black President his second term.

The idea of serious conservative reform terrifies them: radical overhaul of the tax system, dramatic reduction in the size of government, a system that compels Congress to live like humble servants of the people instead of Renaissance royalty…

Who will throw those wonderful cocktail parties in Washington, if the conservatives burn half the city down? Who will tell Peggy bedtime stories of dashing social engineers with titanic government schemes? Where will she find hip, exciting statists she can celebrate with schoolgirl treacle, like this nonsense from her 2008 endorsement of Obama: “Something new is happening in America. It is the imminent arrival of a new liberal moment. History happens, it makes its turns, you hold on for dear life. Life moves.” She was on to something with that last bit. Obama has made a lot of American businesses think about moving.
In her conclusion, Noonan writes, “And so the Republican Party should get serious, as serious as the age, because that is what a grown-up, responsible party—a party that deserves to lead—would do.” This is frothy, delusional milk, sprayed on top of a long, boring latte of condescension. Nothing could be less serious than fawning over a hollow President, who wastes his citizens’ time with absurd fantasies about multi-trillion-dollar health care takeovers, piled on top of an already astronomical national debt.

The latest polls suggest the public is becoming impatient with the infantile antics of the party Noonan thought should control both houses of Congress, and the presidency. If Peggy wants to see what an unserious, immature party looks like, she should watch video of Nancy Pelosi stammering about how the CIA lied to her, or leaf through the avalanche of scandals engulfing nearly every major Democrat. She could complete her education by dropping by to watch Al Franken squatting in his brand-new Senate seat.
At a time when radical opposition to statism is an absolute necessity if the American system is to survive the next 40 years, "moderation" is the last thing we need. It is for this reason that people like Colin Powell, David Frum, and their ilk are at least as traitorous as the so-called liberals they so-called dispute.


VH said...

Peggy Noonan is one of those lame "moderate" GOPers that were party to the mess we find ourselves in today. The Leviathan of government needs to be dismantled with a hammer.

Jeff Perren said...

I'd prefer a million scalpels, but if it has to be a hammer, so be it.


Ted "Galt-in-Da-Box" Amadeus said...

A buddy of mine asked long ago "Just what are them SOBs in Washington good for?"
I had to think long and hard, then the obvious occured: "Justifying their own existence, of course." That, bribery, robbery, and permanent indebtedness!
Do you hear air-raid sirens wailing, and see lights going out yet?

Jeff Perren said...

Sorry, Ted, I don't know what you mean. Air raid sirens? Lights going out? If you're intimating that I see a Fascist state ahead if we continue on our present course, yes. But not for a generation and a half, or more. Lots could happen in the meantime. But that response is based on guessing your meaning.