Monday, August 17, 2009

New Blog Featuring New Art

A new blog - Art, Love, and Philosophy with an anonymous author - has begun very well indeed. Featuring Frank Lloyd Wright homes and many little known sculptures, there's already much to feast on. Here are two works in particular that struck my eye.

Elena Study II by Richard MacDonald:

and the same artist's The Three Graces:

It's always a deep joy to discover a great artist previously not known. When it turns out to be a contemporary, the pleasure is multiplied manyfold. There may yet be hope for humanity, after all.

[Hat Tip to Peter Cresswell of Not PC who is one of the best "flame spotters" around.]


VH said...

Wow! Simply wonderful!

PC said...

There's some great work being done out and about, isn't there.

Thanks for the plug. :-)

Jeff Perren said...

Glad you like them VH.

PC, yeah I think that brings the ratio down to about 1000:2 in your favor. :)