Friday, August 7, 2009

Thin Edge of the (Progressive) Wedge

I can but echo Ramesh Ponnuru, here, and say "You've been warned."

Mr. Ponnuru is referring to remarks made by the Progressive insurance-company/medical-care-professional slavery advocate, Jonathan Cohn of The New Republic.
[I]t's not as if it will be impossible to scale up these reforms later on. If Congress passes and the president signs a bill putting in place the key institutional elements of reform now, they can always revisit, and strengthen, the measure later.

During the 1980s, Henry Waxman almost single-handedly expanded Medicaid to its current levels by gradually making more people eligible and securing the funding to pay for them. All he needed was the institutional structure--the program, the rules, and the basic funding stream--on which to build the new coverage.

The fact that Waxman is a chief architect for this year's program ought to give liberals confidence that, once again, these reforms needn't represent the upper limit of what might be achieved over the next few years. They are a start, and a very good start, but not a finish.
This is what happens when Progressivism takes over the culture and government. And, as Mr. Cohn confesses here, they're just getting started.


VH said...

Liberal Fascism is in full swing. The whole "it's a public option to compete with private insurance" is a bunch of crap.

Ted Amadeus said...

Most fatal diseases are "progressive."

Jeff Perren said...

"Most fatal diseases are 'progressive.'"

You know, Ted, I had the same thought just yesterday. Yer startin' to scare me. You don't have any cousins unaccounted for do you?

Ted Amadeus said...

No Mr. Perren, what I have is an intense hatred for the faux-conservative, neo-conmen who have opened the door for flaming red fascism that would have to look to its right with a pair of binoculars to see liberalism; a dark, black fowl detestation from the pit of the nethermost hell itself.
Ronald Reagan wept!

Jeff Perren said...


I think you may have misread me.(My fault for being vague; humor is like that sometimes.)

I meant to jokingly suggest that YOU and I were long-lost cousins, separated early in life.