Monday, January 10, 2011

How to Eliminate "Inflammatory Right-Wing Rhetoric"

At Breitbart's Big Government, I offer a few words on the Left's attempt to connect the shootings in Arizona with 'right-wing' political activism.

It begins:
Many commentators almost as mad as Loughner have attempted to connect this lunatic’s actions to “inflammatory right-wing rhetoric.” I won’t go into here the long list of inflammatory left-wing rhetoric (and actions) that spill over into open violence. (Michelle Malkin has a good summary — with detailed proof — if you’re interested.)

Instead, I’ll make a suggestion.

If the Left wants to eliminate at a stroke the vast majority of heated, hated right-wing rhetoric there’s a very simple way to do that: give up. ...
Read the rest here.


kelleyn said...

One more thing that irks me about this spectacle: it's getting all the media coverage while H.R. 2, the House proposal to repeal Obamacare, is getting none.

Jeff Perren said...

Excellent point. I suppose I've just become used to the major media NOT reporting on important news that would in any way favor freedom.

Thank heavens for the Internet! We'd be sunk without it.

David Beatty said...

I read the article, Jeff, you packed a good deal in a few words. Well done.

Jeff Perren said...

Thanks, David.

Jeff Wood said...

Good post, Namesake.

I followed the link to Michelle Malkin's piece. Just as well I am about to shower, because I feel soiled, and I am not even an American, or in the USA.

Jeff Perren said...

Thanks, Mr. Wood (How did you know that was my nick name? :)

And welcome to Shaving Leviathan, wherever you're from.

Jeff Wood said...

From Scotland, Jeff.

As to discovering your name, well, as a boy I read the entire Sherlock Holmes canon. Nothing gets past me.