Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King, Progressive Racist

“We feel we have much to learn from Scandinavia’s democratic socialist tradition . . .”
[Martin Luther King, Jr. during his visit to Sweden to accept the Nobel Peace Prize.]

This and many similar comments demonstrate that King favored Progressivism - both in economics and as social policy.

It's for this reason that he deserves exactly none of the praise he has received over the years and this latest round of conservative gushing is particularly galling.

To be opposed to racism is the bare minimum to expect of any civilized person. It is not some great achievement. But King did more - and worse - than that. He explicitly viewed all American blacks as "brothers and sisters." In short, he was a standard (reverse) racist, judging individuals not by their character but by the color of their skin, contrary to his high-flown rhetoric.

He was not a great man, nor a great thinker. He was just another Progressive leader, and therefore wholly undeserving of praise.


Anonymous said...

Way to level a man's life achievement's in half a paragraph. Kudos.

Jeff Perren said...

"Enshrine mediocrity and all shrines are razed." Ayn Rand.

Only King was worse than mediocre. He did harm by linking the valid goal of ending racism to a (contradictory) collectivist moral base, not to mention the violation of individual rights in the economic sphere.

Not achievements that should be celebrated.