Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gaza, Moral Inversion

I have little to say about the situation in Gaza except to hope that when the Israeli military is done there they continue on to Tehran. I wish them every success in their present endeavor.

But what is especially interesting are the protests. How often do we hear of angry, violent mobs suing for peace? How often do those agitators asking Israel to stop firing urge Hamas to stop firing rockets? Worst of all are those in the mainstream news outlets taking the side of the Palestinians. They are the real jihadists.

The moral inversion of the modern world continues.


David Harsanyi, as usual, says it better.
Gaza is free. Obviously, the Palestinians cannot be placated with an independent state -- a gift they never had until Israel handed them Gaza with nary a condition. But this is not a 3,000-year-old war steeped in ancient history, despite widespread perceptions. This was a 20th-century battle between Jewish and Arab nationalists. It has turned into a more insidious 21st-century war with Islamic fundamentalism.

Hamas will not be romanced by the idea of "building bridges" with Israel. There are not enough conferences rooms in Oslo or Davos to persuade Hamas even to recognize the existence of a Jewish state.

And Hamas is uninterested in cease-fires, except when it is in need of reloading rocket launchers -- supplied by mullahs of Iran.


VH said...

Here in the Bay Area (San Francisco), we have been having pro-Palestinian protests for several days; they impede traffic and make a lot of noise. The local media loves it.
Rockets have been landing in Israel for months and nary a news report. Israel strikes back and the lefty propaganda machine gears up.

Jeff Perren said...

It's downright perverse.

You have to wonder, at least I do, what goes through the mind of such a person.

My best guess, or at least most generous interpretation, is that they are so hostile to any form of self-assertion that, because the Israelis are not physically weaker (though clearly they lack a certain amount of moral confidence, like the U.S.), the Anti(s) instinctively oppose them.

Equating any kind of vigorous action with imperialism is about the only way I can see them rationalizing their stance.

But then, more generally, I find it perpetually puzzling that any remotely decent person could be a Progressive in the first place.