Saturday, January 10, 2009

Obama Creates 4 Million Jobs Out of Thin Air

But that air is soon to become thick with tax dollars.

Estimates vary, but Obama is promising that his proposed $775 billion stimulus program will create up to 4 million jobs. That may well be, if you count getting paid to stand on a shovel while some guy runs a tractor as a job.
President-elect Barack Obama said his two-year plan to boost the U.S. economy will generate as many as 4 million jobs, higher than his previous estimates, the biggest portion of them in construction, manufacturing and retail.
Of course, not counted in this estimate are the many more productive jobs not created by private companies as a result of having the economy wrecked by deficit spending so Obama can appear the savior of America. Clearly there is no hope that he will anytime soon even consider that governments do not create net jobs.

According to Obama's economic advisers — geniuses such as Larry Summers who proposed taxing the top 1% an additional $800,000 in order to send $10,000 checks to the 80% making less than $120,000 per year — I'm being unduly pessimistic.
The plan would also result in the U.S. gross domestic product increasing by 3.7 percent more by the end of 2010 than it would without the stimulus
Uh, huh. And I hear Bernie Madoff has a few open slots left in a group investment plan that promises... well, never mind.

Obama continues to live in his fantasy world, forcing the rest of us to deal with a harsher real one because of his wishful thinking and pernicious philosophy.

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