Monday, January 5, 2009

Who Says There Are Two Parties?

Republicans are preparing to sell the citizenry down the river again. In discussions about the proposed economic 'stimulus', Senator McConnell is whining that the Democrats may decide to rob the American people without Republicans being consulted on which pocket.
If they pursue a fair process...and give both sides an opportunity to have input, to have a true bipartisan stamp, he’s likely to get significant support... I don't think that they even seriously can defend doing this without bipartisan consideration.
But wasting still more taxpayer money on immoral and impractical schemes is defensible if Republicans get to tweak some knobs? Why do we even have two parties?

Many would argue that the Republicans can and should return to principles of limited government — protecting individual rights to life, liberty, and property consistent with their Constitutional constraints, and nothing else — and I concur. But you have to ask why one party should have to act as opposition to a party now based on ignoring those rights. Shouldn't both parties be dedicated to that philosophy of government?

True, the Democrats passed the point of no return on that issue 40 years ago. But Republicans have been scarcely better during that same period. Oh, occasionally, when things get far enough out of whack — like $4 per gallon gas as a result of hobbling the oil business within our borders for decades — they will briefly stand up like men and demand change. Then, weeks later they move back to business as usual, me-tooing the Democrats.

Madison would be more than appalled. He would apoplectic.

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