Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Congressional 'Bonuses'

While many in the ignorant mob are wallowing in the schadenfreude of executive bonuses being taxed at 90%, they might pause long enough to consider some of the 'bonuses' awarded by Congress in the recent budget.
    - Removing tattoos from gang members (California): $200,000

    - Polynesian Voyaging Society (Hawaii): $238,000

    - Swine odour and manure management (Iowa): $2m

    - Preserving Lahontan cut-throat trout (Nevada): $250,000

    - Stable fly control (Nebraska): $866,000

    - Blackbird management (North Dakota): $265,000

    - Encouraging teenagers to abstain from sex (Pennsylvania): $24,000

[Hat Tip Powerline]

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