Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dictatorship a Fait Accompli, Unless...

The Executive and Legislative branches of the Federal government have unmistakably announced their intentions to become even more dictatorial.

Obama believes he has the authority to fire corporate CEOs and dictate how to run their businesses. The House is mulling over a bill that will decide not only executive salaries, but all salaries at companies that receive Federal funds. If passed, it will quickly include all salaries at any company since, in one way or another, every business is now tainted with Federal money, or can be made to appear so by political whim.

If there was any doubt before, there is none now: it's time for the Supreme Court to step in and declare every single one of these acts unconstitutional. TARP, auto loans, AIG bonus rules, and on and on. It all must go.

There is no holding back the Administration and Congress otherwise because they have correctly assessed that the citizens of the United States will do nothing but grumble for the time being. Unless there are mass demonstrations — and not just over impending tax increases and outrageous budget deficits but the entire modus operandi of the Progressives now in power — within the next few years there will be either dictatorship or civil war. (No, the 2010 elections will not fundamentally alter the current trajectory because there are too few Republicans who oppose the basic principles driving the current actions.)

Neither war nor dictatorship is a desirable prospect; both will have uncertain outcomes beyond the certainty that everyone will suffer enormously either way. The only means of stopping this now is a series of rulings by the Supreme Court. Otherwise, the United States of America is fini as even a semi-free country.

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VH said...

I share your dire pessimism. At the very least, I think we are in for a European style democratic socialism which would be an anathema to freedom and economic prosperity.