Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Capitalism More Popular In Russia Than America

When Russian and East German young people favor capitalism more than their American counterparts, you know your culture is in trouble.

[Image: American Enterprise Institute]

Of course, anyone over 30 living there has direct experience with the practical effects of those ideologies - which this American generation is only beginning to see. (Even those under 30 can still understand the effects via their their parents.) And, while it may not be the official ideology, Russia isn't far from communism even today. The fascist system that currently dominates that country isn't much different in practice.

Will the rising generation here open their eyes in time?


Ted Amadeus said...

Those who remember what REAL capitalism was are dying off here, the majority left are boomer, welfare-whining retirees and 80s trust-fund babies, with a thin interspercing of X-ers like myself, almost all of whom think food comes from a supermarket, water from a tap, and working is optional/a punishment for those who can't find a way to play the government welfare system...
It doesn't bode well for the future of a nation tens of trillions in debt to Red China!

VH said...

Expect more Progressive crap until people realize that high unemployment won't be cured by government injections of borrowed money.