Saturday, September 11, 2010

Article Published at Pajamas Media: Beyond Politics

My article, Beyond Politics: Removing the Progressive Drag On America has been published at Pajamas Media.

It begins:
Fighting the soul-killing, wealth-destroying acts of progressives over the long term is going to take much more than winning an election or two. It will require neutralizing their influence throughout the culture. That’s much harder, of course, but essential if we’re to have to a country that does more than seesaw between two power-hungry parties while spiraling ever downward.

The reasons that wider change is a must are not hard to find. Even where their relative numbers are low, progressives have come to dominate much more than just the Democratic Party and the major news outlets.

They control curricula for public K-12 education almost everywhere, despite the presence of a great many teachers who disagree with their views. Progressive educators’ numbers are bolstered by the roughly 70-85% of college educators and administrators who identify as liberals. They dominate credential-required education courses, and strongly influence textbook selection.
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Please weigh in with your views on what it will take to restore America to individualism and freedom, here and there.


Brett_McS said...
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Brett_McS said...

It's true, we swim in the leftist sea, where even the language is biased against liberty. In the past this has had the effect of isolating individuals who are (classically) liberal / conservative, leading them to think they are more or less alone. We were like the people of Poland before the John Paul rally.

Only now it's changing, and the internet is our virtual rally.

It's why I'm optimistic. Communication with smart people (mainly through blogs) is the way we (classical) liberals all raise our game, and become more confident about our contribution to the culture.

VH said...

You are right to lay much of the modern Progressive retinue on Rousseau. I like to blame Plato and Socrates on most days.

Great article, Jeff. I've provided a link on my site and stumbled too.