Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Horror Story of the Day

The title should actually read, "Horror Story of the Past 43 Years," but that's not quite as snappy and there's no single word for it. But then, there's no single word to describe the combination of sheer, unadulterated chutzpah, foolishness, stupidity, and vice implicitly contained in the graph below:

I'm pretty sure at least a thousand different individuals — many of them living comfortably on fat government pensions — belong in jail as a result of this debacle. Unfortunately, the best we can hope for at present is to replace the current crop of criminals this November, and try to minimize giving the new ones quite so much slack on the leash.

[Hat Tip, Powerline.]


madmax said...

Looking at this graph, I see that Reagan did not stop the growth of government. He merely slowed its growth. There has been no scaling back of the welfare state. And today, its insanely out of control. That chart could also be a visual representation of two philosophical (and connected developments). The ascendancy of post-modern philosophy and the increasing potency of altruism. How can that chart not portend either outright tyranny or revolution?

Jeff Perren said...

I'll have more to say on the subject soon, especially after I've had a chance to digest the Pledge to America.

For now, I'll just say I believe the revolution has already begun. It's far too early say how it will end; tyranny is still possible and may even be the odds on favorite. But big changes certainly appear to be afoot with the growing influence of the Tea Party movement.