Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Case for Legalizing Capitalism

Someone I've never heard of, Kel Kelly, has written a book with the title of the post. (That's not intended as a slam; I'm sure he's never heard of me either.)

I haven't read it - and given the current length of my reading list it will be 10 years before I can even crack its cover - but I have to salute one of the best book titles I've ever seen.

From the review on
He considers every important topic: banking, education, taxation, labor, environment, trade, war and peace, safety, medicine, drugs, and far more. He presents the reader with a basic explanation of how capitalism is supposed to work and how society functions when commerce is free. He then turns to all the areas of life that are distorted and destroyed by the great "helping hand" of government.
Hmmm... maybe I'll bump this up on the list.


VH said...

Jeff, your instincts are spot with Kel Kelly. I've read several chapter excerpts from Kelly's book on and found them to be excellent. Here is one on the poor. I can't get this book on my kindle so I have to eventually order it the old fashioned way. It's definitely on my reading list. Good catch.

Klusplatz said...
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dunhamg said...

Here you can get this one for free at this site.

Jeffrey Perren said...