Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pajamas Media Article: The Risk of Republican Betrayal

My new article at Pajamas Media, The Risk of Post-Election Republican Betrayal, is hot off the presses. It begins:
"There’s been a sea change in the country, much quicker and more substantial than liberty lovers might have expected as recently as a year ago. Yet for some of us, it’s hard to escape a nagging question.

What happens after January when the new congressional session begins? ..."
Please read the rest and add your comments.


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peterna said...

I am a strong proponent of gridlock. Rational people will require many years to raise the awareness of a significant and irate minority of the people, at which time real political action can begin. Thus at any time when Democrats or Republicans are in the majority, I support voting for the minor of the two.

However, I always write to the candidates I plan to vote for insisting that they take a principled stand for the protection of individual rights rather than the pragmatic approach, back-scratching and log-rolling with opponents when it's convenient.

I hope thereby, that they begin to believe my vote is theirs on a clear condition.