Friday, October 16, 2009

Big Brother Is Nagging You take your medicine.

One of the most personally intrusive things — and I mean that to refer to everyone in general, not to my individual inclinations — is the way Progressive politicians never stop nagging people to "do good." The latest incarnation of that smiley-face Fascism is the government's burgeoning campaign to tout "service" over the public airways.

The Administration is planning during the week of October 19-25 to use 60 network TV shows to "spotlight the power and personal benefits of service." If they've come up with a more diseased idea this year, I haven't heard it. And, naturally, the contagion won't stop after Halloween, appropriate as the nearness of that annual food poisoning festival may be.

It's enough to make anyone sick.

"Service to others" is at best an ambiguous notion. In a setting of trade it makes complete sense. Provide a value to others and they will reward you. In the hands of a coercive government — and, in the end, there is no other kind — the meaning is much more ominous.

This infection was first foisted on the public (in recent times) by Rahm Emmanuel, the Congressional Chicago bacterium who slithered into the White House along with the current virus occupying the Oval Office. The campaign has been incubating for months and now is staged to become an epidemic.

The disease vectors would very much like to pretend, of course, that it's all just traditional American volunteering, not modern Nazi-injected plague. But the symptoms are obvious to all except those who are in denial. Rahm even announced before the election his belief that every citizen should be forced to spend a few months doing activities he dictated as healthful.

Expect subtle, and not so subtle, propaganda whose method consists of equal portions of guilt (the stick) and appeals to mushy altruism (the Norwalk-laden carrot*). Neither is good for you. Doctors not yet fully enslaved by the Feds suggest avoiding all network TV that week.

Better still, get inoculated by some good philosophy. The shots are painless and the immunity lasts a lifetime.

*The Norwalk family of viruses are the leading cause of food poisoning.

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