Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Thanks, and A Welcome To New Shaving Leviathan Visitors

First, my sincere gratitude to Quin Hillyer of American Spectator for his recent mention of Shaving Leviathan. Thanks to that, hundreds of new readers have visited. I hope many find the material moves them to stick around.

In a related thought, one that's been noticed by lots of bloggers before me to be sure, it's fascinating to see where some of these readers come from.

In looking through the stats I've noticed individuals from as far as Gaborone, South-east, Botswana and Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia – places I didn't even know had Internet connections. No patronizing intended; just awe at modern technology.

Thanks to one and all for stopping in and please share your views in the comment sections.


PC said...

Congrats on being picked up, Jeff. Don't forget your regulars now fame and fortune are yours. :-)

VH said...

Excellent news, Jeff! I hope the goodness continues.