Thursday, October 8, 2009

Not-So-Random Thoughts on Obama-style Moral Dissonance

"Taliban claims responsibility for Kabul suicide blast" (CNN Headline)


"Taleban can be involved in Afghanistan future" (London Times)
Mr Obama appears to have been swayed in recent days by arguments from some advisers, led by Vice-President Joe Biden, that the Taleban do not pose a direct threat to the US and that there should be greater focus on tackling al-Qaeda inside Pakistan.
I'm more and more these days haunted by a line from the Dustin Hoffman film, Little Big Man: "Sometimes, life is jus' too ridikolous ta be believed."

Imagine even the very left-of-center FDR during WWII saying the Nazis could be "involved" in Germany's future. Imagine Truman, not exactly a right-winger, calling off all of MacArthur's efforts to de-Shintoize Japan.

Last, but nowhere near least, Obama has known of the electoral vote tally since early November, 2008. What the frack is he doing a solid 11 months later pondering strategy, when nothing in Afghanistan or Pakistan has changed substantially in that time?

The mind boggles when it looks to America's future.

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Ted Amadeus said...

Beats the 'ell outa me, man:
We are top-heavy with tinkerers and meddlers and low on common-sense direction for this so-called "war".
We're not fighting murdering Islamic fanatics for example, we're at "war on terrorism".
The military doesn't even kill the enemy anymore, it "services the objective"...that sounds more pornographic than war-like!!!
BTW: If you have an actual war and a real enemy, aren't you also supposed to be doing all you can to kill the sonsofbitches instead of compromise/cut deals/crawfish about it?

In a REAL war, that's exactly what happens!