Thursday, October 15, 2009

Creeping Viro Totalitarianism

For anybody who still wonders just how deeply embedded in our culture is the Green machine, I dedicate this little item...

I recently researched a number of HDTVs and discovered something new at the bottom of CNET's reviews. In the specifications section, underneath the EPA Energy Star Compliant indicator is a Greenpeace Policy Rating. I try to avoid swearing in a public venue but I can't help but ask "What the **** is any statement by a rabid environmentalist group doing on a television review?"

Sure, CNET is owned by CBS, so one can expect a leftist slant here and there. But it's a sign of just how advanced is the spread of the viro contagion that it has now infected articles about high-definition TV sets.

One of the hallmarks of totalitarianism is that collectivist, statist propaganda seeps into every tiny nook of personal life. The editors at CNET, if they have any decency left, should remove this vile atrocity forthwith and not contribute to the incipient trend.

Bad enough that Wikipedia has been overrun by viro thugs (to the extent that even an article touting the giant Swiss Re insurance company contains a paragraph blathering about their greenhood). But when sites devoted to technology, of all things, being to grow such visible polyps it's time for major surgery.

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Ted Amadeus said...

Good news is, such environ-mentally ill ramblings are being tolerated in general, but also ignored...Patronized would be a better word.
Something about the major case for AGW/CC being made by a corrupt politician whose major achievements were being the ten-cent-millionaire son of an oil tycoon and not even carrying his home state in the Presidential election may have been factors.
The major vehicle for moving authoritarian socialism is now "health care reform".