Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Joke of the Day, 67 Years Ago, Explains Why We're Losing the War Today

From the film Stage Door Canteen, 1943:

In the film, a series of famous actors and actresses (and a few unknowns) entertain troops about to be sent overseas. (The action takes place at the Stage Door Canteen, a real-world venue similar to the Hollywood Canteen, in which entertainers of all political persuasions gladly participated.)

One of the hosts plays a little game with the audience, offering a prize for the best answer to a question.

She asks the ladies: "If you could be any woman in the world, who it would it be?"

One claims first prize right away by shouting out this gem:
"Hitler's widow!"
Not surprisingly, the Stage Door Canteen audience erupts in hardy cheers.

Kind of hard to picture any film today showing something similar, at least without a disapproving finger wag. If they did, and did it regularly, the war against the jihadis would be over inside a year.


Ted Amadeus said...

You said it!
I recently got chewed out on FaceBook for doing such.
"Multiculturalism" = Appeasing murdering Islamic fanatics...It's that simple.
Europe in general, and England in particular, getting a harsh lesson in the consequences of buying into this "liberation" atheo-illogy/Papist fairy tale.

Should have known we weren't playing to win when Dubya rolled this out as war-on-concept: It was never intended to be anything but a growth of the bureaucracy with the ragheads as excuse.

DirtCrashr said...

The humorlessness of the Left is unsurpassed.