Saturday, May 8, 2010

15, 257 Jihadist Attacks Since 9-11

According to the website, Islam: the Religion of Peace, there have been 15, 257 jihadist attacks since 9/11/2001. Could they be exaggerating? Sure, but I can count (with the help of Dr. John Lewis' research) a couple of hundred in the past 30 years, (many of which I remember reading about at the time). By my reckoning, that's 199 too many.

If Jimmy Carter had had any balls thirty years ago — a near contradiction in terms — a huge portion of that could have been avoided for a fraction of the monetary and political cost we've suffered.

And, yet, for some reason - even if the Navy SEALS had been guilty, which they were not - I'm supposed to care about a jihadist getting a fat lip? The world is truly upside down.

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