Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Views on Political Words By Age Group

From a recent Pew survey:

Either most people don't know what these words mean (likely) or they do (not wholly implausible, to a degree) and are sanguine about things like Progressivism and Socialism.

Either way, here are my words in reaction: liberty lovers are in deep shit.

[Hat tip: Sometimes Right.]


madmax said...

It also seems like people get more "conservative" as they get older. But I think you are right that people on average don't have rational definitions of these terms. Some terms are even next to impossible to define. For example, what is libertarianism? Anarchism, Minarchism, Paleo-Rothbarism? No easy answer there. Thanks for alerting me to this.

VH said...

This is a depressing chart but I'm not really surprised. When you tell people that they can get something for nothing, it is, unfortunately, very appealing.