Friday, May 7, 2010

Oil Spills Over the Years

Though the total amount released by the recent BP oil spill can't yet be known, here is a graph that puts the issue in perspective.

[Hat Tip: Kate at something called Small Dead Animals, or The RoadKill Diaries. Really, who picks such a weird name for her blog? (Said he with the perfectly mundane blog name...)]

Anyway, there's more good news about the BP spill: it's already getting capped.
BP declared a partial victory today in its battle to control a spreading oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico, after the company said it had successfully capped one of three leaks from a pipe by applying a valve.

The oil giant, which is under mounting pressure from the US government to stop the leak, admitted that the operation would not reduce the overall rate of flow of the oil. But it claimed it was nevertheless a positive step because it “reduced the complexity of the situation being dealt with on the seabed”.

BP said the half-tonne valve had been installed on the end of a broken drill pipe last night using remote-controlled sub sea robots.

The robots first cut the end of the pipe to leave a clean end and the valve was then placed in position on the seabed. [Note: Once again, the British newspapers cover the story while the American press continues to act like Pravda for the viros.]
That it's being dealt with at all possible speed will surprise no one knowledgeable about the history and technology of such things. (I would say it would surprise those on the Left but, even if they accidentally read about it, they'll deny it.)

Apart from everything else, aren't the oil companies consumed with greed? Therefore, don't they have a vested interest in capping a big leak that is costing them lost revenue? Don't expect the viros to make that point, either, anytime soon.

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