Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Sierra Club Hates the Oil Business

... So what else is new?

Unlike many on 'the Right', when I hear a Leftist call someone on the Right 'a whack job' I don't immediately think they are projecting. I just take it that they are saying "I hate your values." Well, likewise. Here's a case in point:
Kristina Johnson, of the Sierra Club, America's largest grassroots environmental group, said: "They're the ones who have profited from oil and from our oceans. They're the ones who put the Gulf Coast at risk so that they could rake in record profits."
Now, forget for a moment that the spokesperson of an environmentalist organization made this idiotic anti-profit statement. That's to be expected. What galls me is her apparent belief that her readers are as stupid (or vicious) as she is.

Sure, oil companies sometimes make big profits. Good for them. But for every seller, there is a buyer, or there's no transaction. So, the attempt to make it seem as if oil exploration, production, distribution, and sales is somehow a one-sided benefit is simply (and transparently) ludicrous. Clearly, many individuals and companies believe the oil is worth buying at the price at which it is offered. Otherwise, BP would be out of business post haste.

One would think by the time a woman has reached the vaunted position of spokesperson for one of the world's largest, most influential environmental groups she would think a little more before she speaks. Either she's not aware of this perfectly obvious fact about business, or she's simply misdirecting to make a point. Neither reflects well on her or her organization.

But, then, The Sierra Club has been dedicated to the dismantling of industrial civilization for 100 years, so no doubt this is all wasted outrage on my part.

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