Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Andy McCarthy Exposes Islam

Andy McCarthy lays out the inherent coercive intolerance of Islam.

He demonstrates clearly that jihad, jizya, coercively enforced religious practices, and much more are not some radical offshoot preached only by al Qaeda, but mainstream Islamic doctrine. He cites several examples — in the U.S. — of the practical consequences.

After reading it, anybody who still doesn't get it, doesn't want to.

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Ted Amadeus said...

A good read, but with undertones of a drunkard preaching temperance: Were it not for the papist-Khazakh cabal feeding, nurturing and otherwise giving aid and comfort to Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries for decades before they became a threat to the west, the objections would prove completely valid. The Whore has a history of setting up/seeking occasions for future conflicts. Her minions in our government habitually keep Israel from defending itself when set upon by them.
If Andy objects to the mosque so much, maybe his "enLIEtened" ecumenical brethren in the American Papistocracy should stop giving millions to Catholic charities International to import and settle the "enemy":
Maybe we should stop handing out student visas like candy!
Perhaps if those blatant acts of altruistic stupidity and willful ignorance had not been going on for 50 years, there never would have been a 9-11!!!
Just a few logical thoughts not brought up in this whole EHE-charged issue.