Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Dismantling America" by Thomas Sowell

In a brief review of Thomas Sowell's latest book, Dismantling America, Investors Business Daily offers this quote:
"That such an administration could be elected in the first place, headed by a man whose only qualifications to be president of the United States at a dangerous time in the history of the world were rhetoric, style and symbolism — and whose animus against the values and institutions of America had been demonstrated repeatedly over a period of decades beforehand — speaks volumes about the inadequacies of our educational system and the degeneration of our culture."
That sort of passionate, clear-headed, look-beneath-the-surface thinking is one of the main reasons Dr. Sowell continues to be a national treasure. I hope he lives to be 110.

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VH said...

Amen. I'm half-way through his book, "Applied Economics" and it is an education. I love his writing.