Monday, August 9, 2010

Rep. Ryan Gets It

In responding to Paul Krugman's lunatic attack on his Roadmap, Congressman Ryan went beyond shredding Krugman on utilitarian points. He proved that he understands the underlying values and principles that are at stake.
While Ryan focused on the nitty-gritty policy aspects of his Roadmap this afternoon, he suggested that the underlying argument is about principles, not facts. “At the core of this is a big ideological fight between those who believe in the Founding principles and the sense of limited government—the American idea—and those who believe in the progressivist welfare state,” Ryan said.

Ryan has said his kids are too young for him to run for President in 2012. Fair enough. Then maybe Boehner will have the decency to step aside this January and put Rep. Ryan up for Speaker of the House. He might do more good there than in the White House anyway.

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