Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Bollinger Advocates Fascist Media" Published at Big Journalism

My article discussing Columbia President Lee Bollinger's advocacy of blending public and private media has just been published at Breitbart's Big Journalism.

Here's an excerpt:
In short, he prefers yet another “public-private partnership,” the now-familiar progressive corporatist model that met with such success in Italy in the 1920s. Odd, how the “private” party in that arrangement always turns out to be the junior partner. And yet he maintains that “state support does not translate into official control.” He seems not to have learned the popular phrase: he who pays the piper calls the tune.

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Jim Hlavac said...

Obama and this professor might get their public-private media -- but if no one reads it, and no one watches it, does it still make a sound?

Soon, I would think, (OK, a decade maybe,) there will be no one interested in the government media. And even if they mail it to us, what if we don't read it? How will they make us listen? The Soviets had the same problem.

Ted Amadeus said...

If you own both horses in a two-horse race, you always win...but don't expect a lot of applause!
What I'm concerned about is the confiscatory taxes that will be leveled at such as ourselves to pay them for printing and broadcasting the same WaPo/Huffy/ABCNNBCBS they've been driveling for years.

VH said...

A free private press (I include pamphlets) has existed in this country for centuries yet Bollinger can't help himself but trumpet government controlled and tax payer financed propaganda.

(BTW, Congrats on the published article, Jeff! I hope to see more.)