Monday, December 21, 2009

Analyzing Progressive Pathologies, Part 17

Progressives are endlessly fascinating to anyone interested in the pathology of left-wing reasoning and ethics.

Jonathan Chait, editor of the Nation The New Republic - among America's foremost and oldest of Progressive publications - blames Republicans for the current extreme form of the health care bill. He argues, if you want to be generous with language and use that word, that they could have compromised at any time and gotten a less radical left-wing bill.

Interesting approach. The obstinate, uncompromising Republicans refused to embrace moderate socialism (this once), and therefore the Democrats were forced to embrace radical fascism. Fascinating.

I think I'll try that line of attack sometime.

[Update: I incorrectly stated Chait's employer. The correction is above.]

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Ted Amadeus said...

Doesn't he consider Dubya's "Viagra for Grandpa" bill a big enough compromise?
The vast majority of Conservatives, who would not support flip-flopping internationalist and Bush fellow traveler John McBail-out nor his wars forever agenda, certainly did!
When you compromise with tyrants and oppressors, you inevitably will be expected to compromise further.

We always knew the left had no genuine character, integrity or principles. The recent and chilling discovery that the so-called "right" was, at its upper echelons, every bit as much authoritarian and happy to slut out to the socialists in the vain hope of maintaining power has most of them in blank-out mode:
Few want to face the fact it's two different jerseys, but one collectivist team; fewer yet what must inevitably be done.