Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Moral Inversion, Part I

Judicial Watch has released its annual list of the most corrupt politicians of the year.

Even after reading the list and explanations one thing stands out: it isn’t the corruption that’s the chief source of social destruction. What Progressives do in the clear light of day – and actually boast about – is the real problem.

For example, taking a bribe from Angelo Mozillo is bad, true enough. But openly supporting Fannie and Freddie with unlimited funds is real corruption.

Taking a bribe from insurance executives to pass ‘health care reform’ that favors them is wrong; touting that health care reform initiatives are moral in the first place is true corruption.

Giving Federal money to ACORN is horrific. Praising their work as noble is worse.

Funneling the larger share of TARP money to Democrat-supporters is simple graft. Arguing that TARP was good (and that we need another) is wicked.

Selling your power for a buck (or more power) is immoral, to be sure. Enslaving 95% of the country in perpetuity while pretending it's for the benefit of the other 5% is far worse. But corrupting your soul and demanding that others corrupt theirs - and calling it the height of virtue - is pure evil.

It's the Robespierres of the world (the leader of the French Revolution who kept the guillotine busy for the sake of revolutionary 'purity') who do the most harm.

[Hat Tip Hot Air.]


Ted Amadeus said...

We ceased to be the "Land of opportunity" and became the land of opportunism when the entitlement mentality became doctrine, then dogma.
Ask your friends: "Is it right for one individual or group of individuals to live at the expense of the rest of us/for one person to be used or coerced to serve the purposes of another?" If their answer is anything other than NO, you've just found part of the problem!

VH said...

If Americans are really concerned with lobbyists and special interests, then it would be to their benefit to stop the flow of money to the public troughs. I'm not holding my breath.

Jeff Perren said...

Hi William,

The key question, though, is how? Americans complain about taxes, political payoffs, and the like but never seem to get angry enough to actually do something.

In part, that's because none of us really knows how to change the system in any fundamental way. That leaves voting; not a very effective method to date.

Perhaps this time it will be different. I don't plan to hold my breath either; I need plenty of oxygen to keep on fighting.

Ken said...

I hereby declare this blog bookmarked (found my way to your Progressives' Handbook post thanks to New Paltz Journal).

G_d watch over you, Mr. Perren.

Jeff Perren said...


Welcome to Shaving Leviathan and thanks for your comment.

I appreciate the sentiment but I feel honor bound to tell you that I'm a philosophically committed atheist. Also, while I have no beef with Christians - on the contrary I find them on average to be more decent folks than most (and my very devout Aunt is one of my all-time favorite individuals) - I'm not at all fond of Christianity, or any other religion.

Nonetheless, I sincerely appreciate your good wishes and I hope you'll stick around and comment at length.

Ken said...

Thanks, Jeff. You know, I almost added "...even if you don't want it" (or some similar construction), but didn't want to make an assumption. :-)

I am an anarchist the way Professor Tolkien was an anarchist (his letters make fascinating reading if you're at all inclined), and am a believing Roman Catholic (as, for whatever it's worth, was the Professor). As one might suspect, the Magisterium occasionally drives me nuts.

Your reply to VH's comment pretty well sums up the cleft stick in which we find ourselves. I have thought for a while now, and said on an occasion or two, that we may have to choose between ordered liberty and the fruits of Manifest Destiny.

Koblog said...

VH commented, "...it would be to [our] benefit to stop the flow of money to the public troughs."

How can we "stop the flow of money to the public troughs" when the federal government is spending trillions by expanding public debt?

Even as tax revenues fall* our overlords keep spending.

Nothing can stop them but total economic collapse...and pitchforks and tar.

*"Unexpectedly! And after we raised taxes, too. How come we don't have more revenue?" -- the Everwise Overlords