Saturday, December 26, 2009

National Strike Jan 20, 2010

An enterprising fellow has initiated the idea of a national strike on Jan 20, 2010. The specific form is still taking shape but, so far, it appears to involve a "starve the beast" strategy.

The idea is to strike against advertisers who contribute to statist politicians and organizations. There's only a short time to get things going, but Jan 20 is targeted to be the birth of The Strike, not a one-day event. The sponsoring organization is aligned with several Tea Party organizations and could use your support.

Whether it, along with the 10th Amendment Center will succeed on this one effort, it's good to see that many Americans are starting to wake up to the growing tyranny about to engulf their lives.

The time to move is now. Every year that passes without massive action in favor of freedom will make it that much harder to undo the damage. The Progressives are not about to give up without a long and arduous fight, even if they lose their dominance in Congress in 2010.

Please lend your support. With enough voices, saying the right things, we can shout the Federal tyrants out of existence for good. If you wonder what a revolution might be like, or just want to feed your soul, read Thomas Paine's "The Crisis" written as a series of articles during the Revolutionary War. Better voices now, than guns later.

It's something like this, or dictatorship within a generation.


Ted Amadeus said...

THANK YOU for bringing this to my attention. I'm in.
I'll spread the word, too!

Phil O. Sophe said...

Funny you should mention this idea. Just today I was commenting to my father that the physicians of our country should threaten a strike should this dreadful Health Care Reform pass. What would happen if all the physicians simply quit? THAT would send quite a message.

Jeff Perren said...

"What would happen if all the physicians simply quit? THAT would send quite a message."

According to the polls I've seen, many of them are planning to do exactly that, or at least stop taking Medicare patients.

I can't imagine why anyone would want to go to medical school these days, unless it's to teach or do research.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff,

Saw your post on AmSpec.

Not just the article, but most comments are not complimentary towards the Canadian Health Care System.

They are having a problem with doctor shortages and the fact that women docs only work 3 days or so a week.
A lot of docs are leaving to go into research or teaching or even coming to the states for more opportunities and money.
Wait until the US becomes more like Canada.

More stories like this if you search the Canadian press.


Jeff Perren said...

Hello, Victor, and welcome to Shaving Leviathan.

While the details of the Canadian system are very different from what the Feds here have planned, the results will be largely the same.

Ironically, those who favor government controlled health care think it's possible to establish stringent controls but keep the supply the same. I can't think of any business where that has ever worked.

Thanks for the article reference.