Friday, March 26, 2010

Chavez Arrests Final Independent Broadcaster

As reported by Cato,
Today, the Venezuelan government arrested Guillermo Zuloaga, president of Globovision Television, the only remaining television on public airwaves critical of Hugo Chavez.

According to the government, Zuloaga made offensive comments about Chavez (which is against the law in Venezuela) while speaking at a conference of the Inter-American Press Association (IAPA) in Aruba, where media representatives criticized the Venezuelan regime’s crackdown on freedom of speech.
Anyone who thinks it can't happen here hasn't been paying attention to Canada, whom we lag by perhaps a generation on the slide to socialism, if current trends continue.

I wrote about Venezuela three years ago in an article titled "Venezuela, Your Three Minutes Are Up." The situation has only gotten worse since. "It is becoming a crime to have an opinion,” says Carlos Zuloaga.

Yet, the cretin who rules the country receives smiling handshakes from Obama, while Israel is chastised for building homes in Jerusalem. Past time to reverse the trend, I'd say — in Venezuela and here.

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Ted Amadeus said...

Anyone who disagrees with Obama is a "racist".
I'm sure the Americans who will be shooting his goon squads sent to loot them of all they have will be called that and "terrorists", judging by the gross similarities between this regime and its predecessor. I'm surprised it hasn't happened here already!
Incidentally, notice how long it's been since any "Holocaust reminder" type movies have graced the American scene? Here's hoping the Hellyweird Left are not placating DumB-O.