Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Surveying The Progressive Fantasy World

The Progressive's capacity for living in a fantasy world never ceases to amaze me. Blog comment sections are burning with trolls proclaiming their joy that "now anyone who needs medical care can get it."

Who knew? All we had to do was pass a big, unconstitutional law and suddenly every medical care provider in America will willingly bend over for a Federal rectal exam prior to dispensing one for free. All that was needed is to raise taxes on a few thousand evil rich guys, who have more trinkets than they deserve anyway.

Demand can increase by 30 million individuals who, almost by definition, have had much less medical care to date and nothing whatsoever will happen to the supply, cost, or quality of that care. Thanks, rich guys (and compassionate Congressmen, indifferent to their constitutional rights)!

In another idiotic arena, Progressive soul-killers are cheerful about the prospect of Republican candidates running on the plank of repeal. Such creatures imagine Democratic ads depicting children dying of cancer while the heartless Republican promises to eliminate her 'free' care. Never mind that, in the real world ten years from now, that child will die waiting to see a specialist (if there are any left). But, oops, I forgot. To suggest such a future is just so much right-wing fearmongering. My bad.

(Sadly, some spineless Republicans like John Cornyn of Texas are already intimidated enough by this line of attack to scale back any effort at repeal of HR3590.)

Who knew all we had to do was pass a law to make care magically appear? If only I could get Congress to pass a law mandating that heretofore free women were required to service me on demand, and for much less than it has cost me to date. Surely, there should be no reason whatever to expect a decrease in the supply of willing females, no? Why should any of them resent being ordered to do so when, after all, it's to satisfy someone's desperate need?

Sure, some of these commenters — perhaps most — are just paid attack dogs of OFA and other left wing organizations. But, having followed them for months, it seems that some actually believe their fantasy.

I wonder if I could interest them in supporting a bill to establish a Bureau of Prostitution inside the HHS? It's worth looking into, anyway. I mean, David Frum keeps telling me I should make nice with Progressives. This is one goal I feel sure we can both, so to speak, get behind. Hey, they have their fantasy, I'm entitled to mine.

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