Monday, March 1, 2010

Ruminations on Independence

Well, Obama and his minions have decided post-Summit to pursue their plans to beat the health care sector the way the oil companies got it for years. Only worse. It reminded me of a song I love.

I'm the least hip person I know. That I wrote "least hip" instead of "unhippest" should alone give you a clue. Here are others: Just as with films, I rarely consume any music produced after 1965. I grew up listening mostly to classical. (Though, being raised in a near-musicless blue collar home, I was aware of pop and hard rock and indulged from time to time). Now, it's almost 100% Big Band and '50s Swing.

Still, once in a while I venture out. Today I listened to Martina McBride's "Independence Day."

The lyrics have nothing to do with anything you'll find featured on the Sean Hannity show. In the accompanying video an abused wife and mother finally decides to declare her own independence — and in a way I personally find very satisfying. (Though, I wished she'd left the house before torching it.)

Even absent that link, the song strikes a chord with those who understand there's much more to advocating liberty than talking about political philosophy. And, considering the tenacious lust to control that D.C. exhibits these days, it's getting dangerously close to deserving the match. These guys better learn soon to curb their irrational impulses or they're gonna find a lot of very pissed-off battered spouses on their front lawns. What comes next won't be pretty.

Anyway, if you're in the mood to declare your independence, you might want a rousing theme song to go with it. Here's Martina McBride's video, followed by a duet of the same tune, performed in concert with the legendary Pat Benatar.

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