Saturday, March 13, 2010

George Will Tries On the Progressive Burqa

...and seems to enjoy the fit.

Like Charles Krauthammer's, George Will's work is a mixed bag. But Will often writes more knowledgeably, and with greater depth of understanding. So, it pains me to see dopey things like this come from his 'pen':
"John McCain had the correct prescription for health care during the 2008 campaign. He proposed serious change — taxing employer-provided health care as what it indisputably is, compensation, and giving tax credits, including refundable ones, for individuals to purchase insurance."
Being for individual liberty one day, then social engineering via tax policy the next is not the mark of a man who has a firm grasp on the principles underlying the Constitution.

I hope for better things tomorrow.

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Ted Amadeus said...

It struck me as a vague rambling of cliches and catch phrases in desperate search of meaning and fruitless quest for a point, other than the one on his head.
Education can be a great thing, unless of course what one has been taught is rubbish!