Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Iranian-D.C. Parallels

Has anyone observed how similar the silence downplaying of the mainstream media on the 9/12-Tea Party protests in D.C. is to the recent Iranian post-election news blackouts?

Just sayin'...

Hey, fellas. Ignore this!
Barbara Espinosa, a volunteer with Freedomworks, reports that the organization’s “metered” count of protestors is “more than 450,000.”

"Michelle Malkin reports that Capitol Police are estimating crowd at 1.2 million."

[Hat Tip: Big Hollywood]

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Ted Amadeus said...

I guess people do take getting the hell taxed out of them seriously...Whodathunkit given almost 70 years of it & nobody doing anything but whining - until now!
I hope the Kleptocrats are listening, because the next thing to get their attention may be akin to Lexington & Concord.