Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Time Capsules

A group of children recently buried a time capsule with no specific end date. This practice is surpassing odd, especially since it occurs so frequently.

Has anyone ever considered the likely thoughts of some far future civilization, or even another species from a world beyond, digging these things up?

"Strange, Kirk. These people buried a mixture of useless junk, bad writings, and valuable gold because...? What gave them the idea that anyone a thousand years ahead would care? What is so special about the bric a brac of a group of semi-civilized barbarians who were given the great gift of a near perfect Constitution... only to let their country deteriorate by ignoring it?"

"There were many, Mr. Spock, who protested. Loud and clear. A fair number of them even knew why and what for."

"Then they buried the wrong things."

"There you have me, Spock. There you have me."

Not a deep puzzle, but an interesting one.

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