Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What Obama Should NOT Do

One could list plenty of things Barack Obama should do: resign, apologize for nearly everything he's done in public since puberty, then shut up for the rest of his sorry life, and so on. But equally important, since he holds a paid government job, are a few of the things he should NOT be doing.

The list could be endless. Here are just a few of the things Obama should NOT be writing legislation — or issuing decrees — about:

1. GHG regulation (Cap and Trade)
2. Executive compensation (Auto bailouts)
3. 'Green' jobs (Stimulus)
4. Health Care payment methods (Health Care Reform)

Some conservative critics have lambasted him, for example, for failing to offer a clear, explicit health care reform bill. (Odd criticism from a group that is supposed to understand the Constitution and separation of powers better than their liberal opponents.)

Correct me if I'm mistaken, but why should the head of the Executive Branch be creating any legislation at all? That is Congress' job.

[Note: Congress shouldn't be legislating any of the above, either, but that's irrelevant with regard to the theme of this post. Just in case...]

Even saying that the President should be laying out clear goals, his wishlist, or however one wishes to put it, is a serious error. The President, under the American system, is not King, or even Prime Minister. That the current occupant longs to be Dictator is completely beside the point. Or, rather, it should be.

Obama also most definitely should not be giving speeches en masse to the entire public education system. There are those who'll say that calling this action fascist is an absurd exaggeration. As the Objectivists are wont to say: "Check your premises." It most decidedly is fascist.

That the head of the Executive Branch of the Federal Govt is telling the students of the entire country anything - barring any national emergency with no other way to communicate - is irresponsible at best.

But "best" and "Obama's intentions" never belong in the same thought. It's unquestionably the reflection of a totalitarian mindset, one that says - as Mussolini so eloquently put it:
The keystone of the Fascist doctrine is its conception of the State, of its essence, its functions, and its aims. For Fascism the State is absolute, individuals and groups relative.
That differs little - except by being much less of a bromide - from his DNC speech some years ago, repeated often since:
“It’s that fundamental belief — I am my brother’s keeper, I am my sister’s keeper — that makes this country work. It’s what allows us to pursue our individual dreams, yet still come together as a single American family. “E pluribus unum.” Out of many, one.”
Whether Obama is exhorting them to persist and study hard or smoke crack and rob banks makes no difference. The students will tune out the content in either case. The problem is deeper than that.

In the speech, Obama makes clear that they are to choose their goals not in order to fulfill their own potential for their own sake. They are to do it so they can answer the question without guilt: "what's your contribution going to be?"

No, Obama is not Mussolini. (He should be so honest, clear, and decisive in the viciousness of his philosophy and actions.) The issue is not one of personality or — in this instance — even content. It's an issue of the role he's attempting to pretend that the occupant of the Oval Office should play in society.

That he's addressing the 'entire student body of the Nation' at once is a clear signal, and a dangerous one, that he feels his role is to be School Principal-In-Chief, and that is a fascist conception of the presidency. It's also just one more instance of this creature behaving like the hectoring nag he is, just like every other relentlessly finger-wagging Progressive.

In this case, though, the digit doing the dance has the power of the Federal Government behind his gesture.


Ted Amadeus said...

The issue we need to address, is what GOVERNMENT should not do, and one of the major things we've made the fatal mistake of allowing it to do for too long, is indoctrinate young, impressionable minds with worship of itself as god.
The course was set for Obama's speech with FDR's socialized education establishment, entrenched with no serious GOP opposition, entrenched further when Rockefeller Republicans compromised endlessly and kept feeding the monster with an endless river of funds while leftists used the system to teach evermore socialist dogma, and the continuation of this process has led to the current state of affairs.
Get comfortable with Obamavision for dumbed-down mini-proles, it's probably going to become more frequent.
This, was a trial balloon, and it floated quite easily.

VH said...

No doubt that Obama's speech to school kids screams Fascism. What got drowned out on Tuesday was the Obama administration's decision to shut down a school voucher program in D.C. for low-income kids--less choice, less freedom and more fascism. Sigh.