Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Qaddafi Endorses Obama - Surely, Proof Enough

Qaddafi, madman of Libya, looking like he shares a plastic surgeon with Joan Rivers, appeared before the U.N. today. Among the other pithy statements of this long-time supporter of terrorism was this: "We would be happy if Obama would remain forever the leader of the United States."

Now, if that isn't the exact endorsement needed to convince anyone still on the fence that Obama needs to go asap, I can't think would could be more persuasive.


VH said...

Apparently, Obama is Qaddafi's son! I knew it! (Heh, heh.)

Jeff Perren said...

Much as I dislike doing it, I have to give Obama one possible out here. Qaddafi has been clinically insane for years, so nothing he says really counts.

Ah, the burdens of crazy relatives...