Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sowell Shreds Welfare Bureaucrat

In this YouTube video from the 1980s, Dr. Thomas Sowell demonstrates why he has been one of the country's best thinkers for decades. Here, he shreds the tissue-thin, but regrettably still-common arguments of the Secretary of Welfare of Pennsylvania.

Notable about the video is that, despite welfare reform of the 1990s, the problem is not only still with us but many times worse, precisely because her arguments are still accepted on both sides of the aisle. To wit: What shall we do about the poor, who would (it's claimed) starve in the streets without welfare? Here's one possible response: not consistent with the facts, but if they did at least we'd have lower odds of a repeat of the election of creatures like Barack Obama.

[Hat Tip FrontPage]


Ted Amadeus said...

Trying to cure weakness by encouraging the weak to stay in a government-supplied armchair or hammock only makes them weaker.
As long as there is incentive to loot or mooch, looters and moochers will be with us.
It really is that simple.

VH said...

One of my all time favorites. This clip comes from Milton Friedman's Free To Choose TV series.