Monday, September 7, 2009

James Pethokoukis on Van Jones and 'Green' Jobs

James Pethokoukis (formerly of U.S. News and World Report, now writing for Reuters) continues to show why he's one of America's best columnists:

"[H]aving a truther in charge of green jobs is a good fit... you need a certain willing suspension of disbelief for both"

[Hat Tip: Stephen Spruiell of NRO]


VH said...

Van Jones is a racist and a Marxist. I'm not at all surprised that he was an adviser to Obama.

Jeff Perren said...

Oh, no, VH, didn't you know that Americans of African descent can't be racist? And, as for being a Marxist, why what's wrong with that? Are you opposed to fighting the white power structure (that has kept poor minorities in bondage for centuries) in order to achieve some social justice for the disadvantaged?

You must be a racist oppressor yourself. For shame.